Internet of things: the interconnected world

Introduction: Have you ever thought about living with smart roommates instead of just electrical machines and appliances? Today, science fiction is turning into reality considering the complex ecosystems that connect machines together! For example, your refrigerator can order groceries when supplies run low, and your thermostat adjusts to your preferences before you even step foot […]

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Steel Structures: is it a good Choice for Modern Construction?

Introduction: Throughout history, architecture and civil engineering had witnessed significant evolving. AND, what cannot be denied that the variety of material construction has been an important contributor in the process of evolving. In the contemporary era, steel has performed as a primary building material due to its unique features, including strength and flexibility. However, are

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Quality by Design | QbD

Introduction: Quality by Design (QbD) is a systematic, risk-based approach to product development that involves integrating quality principles into the entire product lifecycle. This forward-thinking methodology aims to integrate desired quality attributes into the early stages of the design process, rather than relying on post-production quality inspections. Considering the final product’s quality features from the

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The Renaissance of Biomedical Engineering

Introduction: The healthcare sector is experiencing a remarkable transformation, marked by the rapid evolving in Biomedical Engineering. Merging engineering and medicine, the field of Biomedical Engineering is extending its reach widely to cover various spectra of healthcare operations including innovative technologies that offer solutions for diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases. Biomedical Engineering’s impact on healthcare

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