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Research and Development

Providing support for research and innovations in various engineering fields to enhance engineering techniques and practices.

Education and Training

Organizing training courses and workshops to elevate knowledge and skills among engineers.

Humanitarian Projects

Offering engineering support in underserved regions, implementing infrastructure improvement projects, and providing engineering services to local communities.

Technical Consultation

Providing specialized engineering advice to governments and organizations to enhance infrastructure projects.

Standards and Quality Control

Developing engineering standards and ensuring quality control to ensure efficient and high-quality project implementation

Engineering Awareness

Promoting awareness of the importance of engineering in society and fostering interest in engineering fields among youth and communities.

Job development

We help engineers reach employers about work in the shortest way by submitting suggestions for applications received from employers after evaluating the members’ CVs and choosing the most appropriate.

Project evaluation

We provide the service of evaluating projects in an impartial manner and providing appropriate recommendations to stakeholders


With our thousands of experienced members, we can present any problem faced by organizations and governments, present it to all expert members, and provide appropriate solutions in the easiest way.

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